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Meditation begins simply.  There is an inner quiet that is always present.  It’s enjoyable to settle in, letting ourselves and everything be as it is.  We can’t fail at meditation, we sit down quietly and notice, “It’s like this, now”.  Meditation is the one time of day we aren’t trying to get someplace else or be something more.  


As our inner peace and confidence grows, our concentration increases, with a natural deepening of contentment and wellbeing that carries over into daily life.  Meditation becomes our greatest treasure and refuge; the place we can meet the changing circumstances of life and be at peace with an open heart.  Sitting with others is important at least once a week.  As Buddha said, noble friends are most important on the path.



Weekly Meditation Sittings


Front room meditation

Friday Morning Meditation Circle
Every Friday 9-10am
First Parish Memorial Room
24 Vernon St. Framingham

Silent sitting for 40 minutes followed by tea and dialog.  Suggested donation $10.








Meditation Room

Wednesday Evening Meditation
Sitting Wednesdays 7-7:30pm
First Parish Memorial Room
24 Vernon St. Framingham







Meditation and Mindfulness Classes

resting buddhaMeditation and Mindfulness:
Mindfulness of the Body

Audio teachings from Joseph Goldstein

Each evening we begin with a 20-minute meditation with some words of guidance.  Then we will listen to a 45-minute audio teaching by Joseph Goldstein.  The last portion of each class is open for questions, reflections and dialog to integrate the teachings into our own daily experience with family, work and friends.  These Tuesday evening series have proven to be a valuable time for connection with like-minded others and support for aware presence in daily life.  More details….


second-chakra-mudraFoundations of Meditation
6-week Evening Class Series, call for next scheduled classes

A basic introduction to meditation practice for beginners and, for experienced meditators, a refreshing course on the foundation practice, as well as an opportunity to inquire into meditative experience.  Demonstrated benefits  of meditation include increased well-being, mental focus and clarity, stress reduction and improved immune system and overall physical health.