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“Thanks so much for another great 9 week course… The group was the perfect size, the time and venue as always were spot on and your insight was/is invaluable, thank you again.”  -V.B.

“Thank you Judy for your gift of cultivation of love in the lives of others, and it’s an honor to have been able to take advantage of your lessons… this was some of the best money I have ever spent, and I hope to be able to benefit from this lesson for the rest of my life!”  -R.M.

“I am amazed that after class you have the strength and skill to write and provide us with a clear summary of the class and key points to practice!  You know me, I love great notes, and all the ones you provide help me live a happier life. I refer back to them time and time again. In my humble opinion, you give us students a huge serving for the amount you charge for the class. Thanks again!” -C.K.

“Thank you so much for your teachings and your guidance. I now see more, smell more, hear more, taste more and feel more as a result of your understandings in how our minds work. I experience much less stress and am more comfortable in my relationships with family, friends and just about everyone else I meet. I experience many more “just plain old happy moments” than I thought possible. Thanks again!” -S.S.

“I am more mindful and happier as a result. :))  And thank you for enabling me to partake given my current financial situation. Because of your generosity, I was able to participate in the class at the perfect time to support me in many ways. I am deeply grateful to you.”  -C.K.

“Thank you Judy for being in our lives! I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me today. I value your suggestions.”  -J.H.

“I am very happy that I found you and I a excited to continue getting to know you and learning from you. You have a very peaceful way about you and I am enjoying slowing down when I am there and practicing at home. Thank you for helping to inspire me as I start my journey.” – J.W.

“I value my time with you and the fine members of Sacred Spaces.” -K.K.

“It is clear that your help is enabling miracles to move into my life.”  -A.B. Concord

“I felt no judgement, just love and truth.”  -A.S. Natick

“I now have a renewed experience of spiritual insight into the art of living my life.”  -J.S. Westminster

“Our healing session really helped to turn the situation around. What a gift for me!”  -L.R. Worcester

“I feel subtle yet profound changes…enabling me to enjoy the extraordinariness of my everyday ordinariness.”  -A.K.Medway

“You radiate a warmth and love that I felt deeply, thank you.”  -S.M. Bellingham

“You know people and have answers. You have tools to offer so I have more than information, I experience change.”  -C.S. Franklin

“You saved my life. I was over-medicated and broken when I met you. I am finally back to life again.”
-L.R. Marlborough

“Talking with you grounds me in the reality of what is truly meaningful and important in my life.”  -C.C. Worcester

“I found more inner peace and inner knowledge in 3 visits with Joti than I have in 10 years with my standard therapist.”  -S.R. Bristol, RI