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Works of Art

The original artworks you see on these webpages grace the walls at Sacred Spaces.
Their beauty and depth invoke peacefulness and presence.
The artist is Joti’s brother, Steven Royster.  The works are oil on panel and they are for sale.
For more information about the artist and artworks, visit Steve’s website or  contact Joti.



art moonflower dawn



“Royster’s paintings fascinate 

like an old wall in Pompeii

that gives a faint sense of things underneath.”

                                – Steven Zevitas, Publisher  New American Paintings


art stone pots





art eternity


“Steve’s paintings are unique, 

visually beautiful and intellectually stimulating.”

                         – Gordon Foulds, Art Critic Arts and Crafts International








Frangiapani and Cross 



“My intention is to visually reflect

  a state of connectedness with

  the Divine as the constant within

  an impermanent physical reality.”  

                                   – Steve Royster, Artist






Steven Royster, Artist

steven painting-crop

Steven Royster, painting in his home “studio” in Australia with daughter, Hannah


My intention is to visually reflect a state of connectedness with the Divine as the constant within an impermanent physical reality. Using a process oriented approach, many of these paintings have been constructed, deconstructed and reconstructed through the last decade.

My practice has been to create a body of art, display it, and then as the time feels right, disassemble certain images by sanding, rubbing, cutting and tearing, and finally overpainting reassemble these into new works that reflect the current period of my artistic expression. Many of the earlier incarnations have been documented in photographs. Thus each work communicates a dimension through time, of human experience and creative impulse.

While placing process first, two main concepts unite the series. The first is the Buddhist teaching of impermanence/change and the resulting impact on human suffering. The second concern, which overlaps the first, is the Butterfly Principle, where chance occurrences prompt change, as well as direct unpredictable non-linear outcomes. If the circumstances are right, a virtual non-event can evolve into a monumental happening.

The symbols are from timeless Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. Complimenting and at times, contrasting these are elements of the organic, natural world, resulting in a layering and interweaving of images. These are sometimes obvious and at other times so obscure as to be barely visible, waiting for future discovery.

After a decade of reworking many of these paintings, it is ironic that the concept of impermanence/change evolved into imagery which evokes a sense of continuity and calm. By fusing a Western visual language with Eastern philosophy and imagery, I hope to create paintings that prompt in the viewer an appreciation of all matter as a sacred reflection of the Ultimate.