When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world.
–Eckhart Tolle

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Individual Sessions

These sessions are the heart of what happens at Sacred Spaces. Here, you have a chance to explore in depth what is most important to you.

Sessions can look more closely at areas that are challenging or may support a new insight, area of growth, opportunity or relationship.  Becoming aware of simple habits of mind and activity can create freedom and energy, enabling us to choose responses and ways of interacting that promote happiness and wellbeing for ourselves and those around us.

Individual sessions may touch on:

  • Physical, emotional or mental challenges
  • Mindful living and present moment awareness
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Mind-Body connection: emotions, thoughts and presence
  • Intimacy and heart connections
  • Times of change, life stages or transitions
  • Search for deeper meaning, spiritual connection or a sense of purpose
  • Skillful communication and relationships with family, friends and co-workers
  • Health challenges, changes or working with pain
  • Loss and grief
  • Creativity, inspiration, insights


“I found more inner peace and inner knowledge in 3 visits with Joti than I have in 10 years with my standard therapist.” S.R. Bristol, RI

“Relentless clarity and unflinching love…” L.B. Cambridge

“Our healing session really helped to turn the situation around… What a gift for me!” L.R. Worcester

“I felt no judgment, just love and truth.” A.S. Natick

“You have tools to offer so I have more than information, I experience change.” C.S. Franklin

“I now have a renewed experience of spiritual insight into the art of living my life.” J.S. Westminster

A method that is helpful in many individual sessions is inquiry dialog which brings greater awareness to situations that present themselves. In this process, simple questions help bring forward an innate truth that can bring resolve.

“Inquiry Dialog helps me when I’m having trouble sleeping. Joti’s questions unearth what’s really going on with me, and once this occurs, I can release the tension that’s been keeping me up.” S.A. Holden

Through Inquiry Dialog you begin to realize the power of your own awareness. Inner conflict can dissolve, the mind clears, emotions balance and you begin to trust the flow of life.

Presence is the true and lasting source of happiness and freedom. As our ability to simply be present deepens, we experience more love and greater peace.

“Through relaxation and open awareness,

you access your body’s inner wisdom,

releasing patterns of holding,

bringing peace to your emotions, mind and spirit.

This process of harmonizing the body

amplifies your body’s natural healing ability.

The natural intelligence inherent in

your body and your being

is unsurpassed.

It holds the answers.

Innately, it is in tune with all of life.”  -Joti

Sessions are conducted in person or by phone.  Contact Joti to schedule a session.